Site Migration

By January 21, 2013 October 1st, 2019 Migration, WordPress CMS

To migrate a wordpress website to a new host you can accomplish that by using these method

  • Make a backup of your database using a plugin called wp-db-backup
  • Or you could use wordpress import feature to make an xml file then save it to local computer for future export
  • Use FTP in cpanel to download wp-content folder to your local computer, an ftp client can be used like filezilla


  • Copy all the content and folders that you downloaded from your hosting server to the new host in the same wp-content folder of your new wordpress installation
  • Go to cpanel enter your phpMyAdmin area, once enter you will see all the row in your mysql choose your database that you wish to update most of the times they look like this _wrdp1, _wrdp2, _wrdp3 once you have chosen the right database go to wp-option then import to import the database you make earlier and click go
  • After it has been imported go to browse make sure the url is pointing to the new domain name
  • a more simple approach is to upload the xml file using wordpress export feature from your wp dashboard

Now you’re all set and ready to go live

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