Email Marketing
The Power To Earn At The Click Of A Button.

Over half of internet users check or send email every day – Why not give them one more?

Email marketing is a highly-sought method of online advertising due to its speed and targeted reach. Through Email marketing, you can talk directly to a lot of people in a few clicks without wasting time or effort (on the condition they opt into your mailing group.)

We have systems in place to give you full control over your mailing lists, user groups and reporting. With our tools, we can provide you with the expertise and software to track your audience and measure the response rate very accurately.

Each email campaign can be tailor-made to fit your ideas from the initial design right down to the choice of words you want before we click ‘Send’. What is more, we can tell you how effective the campaign is through statistics on opens, clicks, conversions and an exact return on investment (ROI).

We offer a flexible framework in email marketing packages and provide our service on either a monthly or one-off email basis with prices varying to manage all budgets.

To let SolidTech manage your email marketing campaign or discuss pricing, please get in touch today to speak with a member of our marketing team.