Buddypress Family Relationship Plugin Needed

By March 17, 2018 September 30th, 2019 Plugins

Creating the Plugin
Buddypress is a great community plugin, enabling wordpress user to ingrate a social community using WordPress platform, there are lots of addon extension for buddypress but I haven’t seen a family relationship extension that let users connect with family, grouping everyone that is related with each other.

Buddypress Relation Extension
I am creating an website for a school in United State, the site is wordpress based using a premium theme, this is using buddypress due to the fact it need to be like a community site where parents, staff and scholar can interact. After weeks of meeting if lead us to get an extension that can work with buddypress and has the same feature like Facebook family connects.

We has all the ideas but know one with the stills to create such type plugins. My client was familiar with freelancer site so she search on People Per Hour for freelancer and interviewed them all until she found the right one. Its been few weeks since we started working on the plugin and to me its becoming a success even the fronted view is wonder I help with the style.

Frontend View


This is what the buddypress profile page looks like with the family relationship extension. Where build your family network is that’s were you will do the family search, once family are add it will show on the left site yellow section

Below you can view family relation extension in action after adding connects.

buddpress-relation plugin

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