Blank White screen on WordPress site

By October 1, 2019 Coding

Blank White screen on WordPress site

Most of the time its caused by a error with theme or plugin, to resolve the issue you will need to have access to ftp if you can’t access WordPress dashboard.

You can access ftp server from your hosting account or using an ftp client like filezilla  or Cyberduck both or great with ftp access. Once you have access to files on server navigate to wp – content/theme/mytheme deactivate theme by adding a number or letter at the end of the name for example mytheme would be “mytheme1” or “mythemeA”, if you have the default themes for WordPress installed like twenty fourteenth theme its will activate it automatically.

Plugin Causing White Blank Screen

If site still showing white blank screen then the issue is caused by one of the plugin so the theme would be out of the picture , reactivate your theme but before doing so rename theme to the name it was before . deactivate all plugin one by one and check site each time to see if any changes occur.

Once site is up again then you can know what plugin cause blank screen, you can troubleshoot the coding of that plugin to find out whats is causing the issue or just keep it deactivated or delete it if that plugin is not needed on site.

Lots of WordPress CMS users report this issue so I decided to write this post to help solve the white blank screen, leave your comment if you have any questions, I answer in a timely manner.

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